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Virgilio “Ike” Y. Prudente created MATH-Inic in 2011 with the goal of reaching 25,000 students by 2017, his 65th birthday. Aside from being a venue to share his passion for numbers, MATH-Inic is also his way of helping establish a generation of math lovers, and thereby strengthening the country’s math and engineering foundation.

Ike has always had an affinity for math, even in his grade school days at San Roque and Ladislao Diwa Elementary Schools, in Cavity City, where his fourth grade teacher taught him some of the techniques he shares in his book 25 Math Short Cuts:Practical Algebra “Tricks” for Everyday Use. As a scholar in Philippine Science High School–he was in the second batch, dubbed Pisay Dos–he further honed his math skills, using algebraic equations to create simplified solutions. Ike took up subjects in BS Electrical Engineering and BS Veterinary Medicine at the University of the Philippines, and then received a degree in Civil Engineering from Laguna College, San Pablo City. He is also a Certified Teacher of Vedic Mathematics (with Distinction), training under Kenneth Williams of the Vedic Maths Academy, UK. He has always enjoyed learning, and his thirst for knowledge has led to several scholarships throughout his academic years.

Ike is a teacher at heart. He began by teaching all five of his children algebra and his techniques in Math, which helped them to also get into his alma mater, Philippine Science High School. Founding the MSC Institute of Technology also allowed him to impart knowledge to the students of the school. It was when he started MATH-Inic, however, that he bloomed into his true calling. Aside from teaching classes and training trainers for MATH-Inic, Ike conducts free math seminars for parents and teachers, so they can help their children and students appreciate and learn math. He also holds free MATH-Inic lessons for underprivileged children whenever his schedule permits.


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