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1st Math2Shine IVMC

1st Math2Shine IVMC

There are now more than 70 local coordinators and more than 500 registered participants from the Philippines for the 1st Math2Shine International Vedic Mathematics Competition scheduled online of July 22, 2023.

The contestants will be grouped according to their ages as of contest date:

Beginners – 9 years and younger

Primary – 11 years and younger

Juniors – 13 years and younger

Intermediate – 16 years and younger

Seniors – 18 years and younger

Open – no age limit

Contestants will be given 60 minutes to solve 40 problems.

The top 30% of the contestants in each category will receive gold, silver and bronze medals in the ratio of 1:2:3, along with their Certificate of Recognition. The next 30% will receive Merit Certificates while the rest will receive their Certificate of Participation.

Please e-mail for further details.

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