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Registration for IVMO 2023 now open.

James Glover, chair of the Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics (IAVM) recently announced that the registration is now open  for center coordinators and participants in the 3rd International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad (IVMO 2023) which will be held on…

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Multiplying by 11

Although the Philippines uses the International System of Units(SI) many Filipinos prefer to express their heights in feet and inches ang their weight in pounds. But most weighing scales are in kilograms. So how can we quickly convert the kilogram…

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Terminating decimals

Only 106 out of the 343 or less than 31% of the competitors in the primary group in the 3rd MATH-Inic Vedic Mathematics National Challenge was able to get the correct answer to this question which can be easily solved…

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