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Review Materials for IVMO 2023

Those participating in the 3rd International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad (IVMO 2023) may avail of the following review materials to prepare for the competition on Nov 25, 2023. At a) IVMO 2022 papers b)IVMO 2021 papers c) IVMO 2021 sample…

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Multiplying by 4 and 8.

Young children who have not yet mastered the “times tables” of bigger numbers may find knowledge of doubling very useful. For example, the techniques in doubling may be applied directly to multiplying by 4 and 8. (Please see pp. 17-18…

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List of Winners in the 4th PNVMO

Congratulations to all the participants in the 4th Philippine National Vedic Mathematics Olympiad held online last Oct 7, 2023. About 4,800 mathletes, assisted by more than 100 Area Facilitators joined the 4th PNVMO which is considered the Filipinos' final training…

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Doubling by Number Splitting

Last week, when we started discussed doubling from left to right, we explained how to anticipate “carrying” when the next digit to the right is “big”. But this process might be hard to explain to younger kids. It might be…

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Doubling from left to right

Multiplying a number by two, also called “doubling” is a short cut for adding a number to itself. It is perhaps, the first lesson in multiplication mastered by children. We all know that numbers are composed of a combination of…

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Tricks with 11.

We have been discussing multiplying and dividing by 11 (and x + 1) in our articles in this newsletter for the past several issues. Let us take a break by discussing some tricks with the number 11. Ask someone to…

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