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VM competitions questions and solutions

Here are our previous posts about the solutions of frequently missed Vedic Math competition questions: Lower Primary, IVMO 2023, Largest Fraction: Upper Primary, IVMO 2023, Computing Savings: Upper Primary, IVMO 2023, Linear Sequence: Primary, IVMO 2022, Subtraction…

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4th MVMNC Area Facilitators

Here is the updated list of Area Facilitators for the 4th MATH-Inic Vedic Mathematics National Challenge with their respective areas and the URL where they can contacted. Interested participants may now register under the Facilitator in their school, district or…

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Multiplying by (x – 1)

When multiplying polynomials in Algebra, we often encounter problems with (x – 1) as a multiplier. Our previous post on multiplying numbers by 9 will help us easily multiply any polynomial by (x – 1). Recall that if we want…

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Percentages made easy

Many students avoid solving percentage problems because they involve converting the percentages into decimals leading to lengthy calculations. This is probably the reason that many competitors in the junior age group of the 3rd International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad did not…

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