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Division by 9 with regrouping

In an article in our previous issue of the MATH-Inic Newsletter about dividing by 9 (see:, we showed that the quotient is the running total of the digits of the dividend. However, when the digits of the dividend are…

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Division by 9

(Note: The first part of this article was taken from page 37 of our book 25 Math Short Cuts which can be purchased through any of our MATH-Inic affiliates)    Most of us want to avoid 9 in almost all…

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Using Duplexes

In our post about combining partial sums in the previous issue of the MATH-Inic Newsletter, we showed how to evaluate this: 16/56/97/108/78/36/9. This is the final step in answering this question from the Intermediate age group of the 4th MATH-Inic…

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