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About The IAVM and the Speakers

About the IAVM:

The Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics (IAVM) is a British registered charity, dedicated to the promotion of Vedic Maths worldwide. The trustees are among the world’s leading expert in Vedic Mathematics. Since March 2015, and every month of March thereafter the IAVM holds the annual International Online Vedic Math Conference.

IAVM also holds an annual in-person International Vedic Mathematics Conference usually in Indian cities since 2016.

In August 2018, IAVM initiated the Inspirational Maths from India(IMI) seminar workshops series in the Philippines with the following speakers: IAVM chair James Glover(UK), trustees Swati Dave(US) and Marianne Fletcher (South Africa), treasurer Gowri Ramachandran (India/Philippines) and Veronica and Virgilio Prudente from MATH-Inic Philippines who were later granted honorary membership to the IAVM because of their contribution to “the promotion, development and dissemination VM in the Philippines”   

They had sessions with teachers and students in Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, San Pablo City in Laguna and UP Diliman In Quezon City. They also co-authored the “Inspirational Maths from India – a Teacher’s handbook”. After its initial publication in the Philippines the handbook was subsequently reprinted in India and South Africa.

Last year the IAVM group visited the cities of Bacolod, Iloilo, Puerto Princesa and Manila where they also supervised the 1st Philippine National Vedic Mathematics Olympiad.

For this year, the main speakers are the also the original speakers during the first IMI. They will be joined by 8 other holders of the Advanced Diploma of Vedic Mathematics granted by the Vedic Mathematics Academy(UK).

Next April 2021, the IAVM will hold the 1st International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad.

Read more about the IAVM and Chair James Glover here:

Speakers in the “Inspirational Maths from India III (IMI)”

Main speakers: They are the speakers when the IMI started in 2018 and they are also the co-authors of the “Inspirational Maths from India – A Teacher’s Handbook”, a digital copy of which will be given to all participants of the webinars. 

  1. James Glover: IAVM chair and co-founder, is a researcher and teacher of VM for over 40 years. He has led 6 online and 4 in-person International Vedic Math Conferences, many international teacher-training programs and courses on the subject. He is currently head of KS5 Mathematics at the Rivers Academy West in London, England. James is the author of The Curious Hats of Magical Maths Vols I and II, Vedic Mathematics for Schools, Books 1 – 3 and Foundation Mathematics, Books 1-3 and numerous articles and papers.
  2. Swati Dave: IAVM co-founder and trustee, handles the logistics and communications in all IAVM organized international conferences. She is a project management consultant with over 20 years of experience in successfully managing complex, small to large global projects. Swati has been conducting VM seminars and workshops in the Boston, Massachusetts area since 2012.
  3. Marianne Fletcher : IAVM trustee, is a Math and Science teacher for more than 30 Years. In January 2016, after teaching in several prominent schools and universities in South Africa, she started a full-time home school and tutoring business, teaching mathematics, physics and chemistry to Cambridge A-level students, Grade 11 and 12 South African syllabus, and 1st year university students. She has presented Math talks and workshops in outreach programs throughout South Africa. Marianne has published numerous Math and science articles and has written the Mole Whole, a fun Chemistry book.
  4. Gowri Ramachandran: IAVM treasurer, has a Diploma in professional education and is a chartered accountant in India. She is an offshore partner in Penmetsa & Associates, A Chartered Accounting Firm in Visakhapatnam, India. She discovered VM while trying to find other methods she needs to teach her child. Now she wants to share it to other parents and teachers.

5. Virgilio Y. Prudente: an IAVM honorary life member, is a PSHS scholar and founder of MSC Institute of Technology and MATH-Inic Philippines. He is the author of 25 Math Short Cuts and Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic and also co-author of 30 Master Strategies in Computing. Through his MATH-Inic Online, Virgilio is authorized by the Vedic Mathematics Academy(UK)  to offer the online courses of Kenneth Williams to Philippine residents.

6. Veronica S. Prudente; an IAVM honorary life member,  is also a PSHS scholar, training Director of MATH-Inic Philippines, editor of  25 Math Short Cuts and Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic and also co-author of 30 Master Strategies in Computing and 1, 2, 3 Magbilang Tayo

The supporting speakers are all Certified Teachers of Vedic Mathematics and holders of the Advanced Diploma in Vedic Mathematics granted by the Vedic Mathematics Academy (UK) and they are all life members of the IAVM.

  1. Anthony M. Clemente belongs to the first batch of Philippine Science High School scholars and graduated from University of the Philippines in Diliman with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering. He is now a marketing and technical consultant in steel fabrication. He is one of the speakers in the 2019 IMI II.
  2. Heather Banagui Gonsoden is a teacher III at the Cordillera Regional Science High School in La Trinidad, Benguet. She has a Master of Arts in Mathematics degree and is currently pursuing her doctorate in educational management. Heather is also one of the speakers in lMI II.
  3. Maricar Dasmariñas is a topnotcher in the Sept 2017 LET. She is now teaching at the Palawan State University. She made several presentations in the 2019 IMI. She is now working on her thesis for her Master of Arts in Education major in Mathematics course. 
  4. Emmanuel M. Nadela is a former chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Cebu Institute of Technology-University, a Philippine Science High School scholar, holder of bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Master of Science in Engineering Education and is now working on his dissertation for his PhD in Technology Management.
  5. Frankie Fran is the Director for Training and Technical Advisory Services and Instructor at the College of Teacher Education of Romblon State University. He has Master of Arts in Education, major in Education Management and Master of Arts in Education, major in Mathematics degrees. He is currently taking up Certificate in Distance Education at the UP Open University.
  6. Chard Aye Alova is faculty member at the Education Department of La Carlota City College. After obtaining his MA Ed Educational Management and MA Ed Mathematics degrees, he is now pursuing his PhD in Pure Mathematics. Chard will present 3 papers at the 5th International Vedic Math Conference in India. He is also producing videos for his YouTube channel.
  7. Alexis de la Cruz is a Master Teacher I at Dep Ed Bataan and a Dakilang Guro 2019 Awardee. After finishing her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education(Magna Cum Laude) and Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management she is now pursuing her Doctorate of Education, major in Educational Management.
  8. Rose Andrade is an award-winning Math coach. After teaching for several years in a public high school, she is now a College Instructor at the Laguna State Polytechnic University. After obtaining her Master of Education, Major in Mathematics degree at the Philippine Normal University, she is now producing Math videos for her YouTube channel. 

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