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Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic Course (AMEA)

This course is based on the book of the same title by Virgilio Y. Prudente, a writer of Vedic Math books and articles and founder of MATH-Inic.

The book, which is available in digital and printed forms, is not intended to be an Algebra textbook. It is, however, a useful supplement to any Algebra book.

Although Algebraic concepts are introduced as early as Grade 1 here in the Philippines, many students have difficulty in absorbing the lessons in high school Algebra.   

In our book, we tried to show that many simple arithmetic techniques can be creatively extended to Algebra. In this way mastering those arithmetic procedures will make learning Algebra easy.

It is our belief, that if we can show the students easier methods of solving problems, then they would want to have more of them. And with more practice comes mastery.

Just like the book, this course is not a complete Algebra course. We will just show that learning Algebra is just as easy and sometimes, easier than learning Arithmetic.  Our goal in this course is for our students to overcome their “Math anxiety” and develop confidence in solving problems. Loving and mastering the subject naturally follows.

Description: This course, which will be conducted over 12 weeks, is composed of 40 video lessons, with 12 weekly synchronous class meetings via Zoom, 12 weekly online quizzes and 3 monthly one-on-one sessions with each participant. The weekly class meetings will also be recorded and posted as part of the course so that they can be viewed and reviewed any time.

This course is divided into 2 parts:

Part I begins with some simple arithmetic techniques which are not taught in schools today but have important applications in Algebra:

  • digit sums and their uses;
  • checking devices;
  • multiplication and division of numbers near bases;
  • and the vertically and crosswise (V&C) method of multiplication

Then simple mental solutions of linear equations are discussed:

  • “think of a number” method
  • different types of linear equations
  • solution of systems of equations

Part II introduces multiplication techniques for polynomials:

  • checking devices applied to polynomials
  • using V&C in multiplying polynomials of equal length
  • sliding multipliers
  • special multiplication
  • special division

 and the solution of quadratic equations:

  • review of conventional solutions
  • Tirthaji’s method
  • using the average
  • special type factoring
  • using coefficients
  • “The differential is equal to the square root of the discriminat”

This course tries to avoid topics commonly found in Algebra textbooks, thus it is not intended replace the regular Algebra course but a perfect supplement to it.

This entire course is recommended not only for Grade 5 students or older, but also for Math teachers and homeschooling parents. Younger students are advised to initially enroll only in Part I and later decide for themselves when they are ready for part II.

For AMEA class 2021 A, the students can view introductory videos starting January 25, 2021. Class Orientation is on Feb 6, 2021 at 2:00 – 3:30 pm.

Regular synchronous Zoom Class sessions every Saturday, 2:00 – 3:30 pm from Feb 13 to May 1, 2021.

Mode: 100 % Online – Enroll and study from any part of the globe.

Course created and conducted by Virgilio Y Prudente.

Course Fees: Whole Course – $100/ P5,000; Part I only – $60/P3,000;

Free: “Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic” ebook

Payment Options:

Registration via Teachable: PayPal

Registration thru MATH-Inic Online:

BPI: CA# 8881 0202 39, Virgilio Y. Prudente, BPI San Pablo Br.

BDO: SA# 0071 2023 6560, Virgilio Y. Prudente, BDO Paulino Br.

Palawan Express: Virgilio Y. Prudente, San Pablo City, 0917 500 4763

GCash: 0917 500 4763, Virgilio Y. Prudente

For more details, you can contact us through


Messenger: MATH-Inic Online

Cell Phone: 0917 500 4763 (Globe) or 0928 506 4518

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