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Viral Math Hacks Videos

A Facebook video entitled “Become advanced in multiplication with these easy hacks” (Video | Facebook) has recently became viral with over 2.6 million plays. It featured techniques in multiplying 31 x 51 and 31 x61 509 x 509 12, 23,…

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Division by 9 with regrouping

In an article in our previous issue of the MATH-Inic Newsletter about dividing by 9 (see:, we showed that the quotient is the running total of the digits of the dividend. However, when the digits of the dividend are…

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Division by 9

(Note: The first part of this article was taken from page 37 of our book 25 Math Short Cuts which can be purchased through any of our MATH-Inic affiliates)    Most of us want to avoid 9 in almost all…

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Using Duplexes

In our post about combining partial sums in the previous issue of the MATH-Inic Newsletter, we showed how to evaluate this: 16/56/97/108/78/36/9. This is the final step in answering this question from the Intermediate age group of the 4th MATH-Inic…

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4th MVMNC Results – Beginners

4th MATH-Inic Vedic Mathematics National Challenge List of Winners Beginners Category Gold Medalists Samuelle Kristen TuicoCrisanto Guysayko Memorial Elementary SchoolErwin Rio A. DepalubosDon Mariano Marcos Elementary SchoolXyzchylusnaomiphoebe Q. AliñoLittle Lamb Foundation  Learning CenterAkhilleus Johan M. FrondaTimoteo Paez Elemantary SchoolFreij Leiy M. GaloDigos…

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