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Foreword to “Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic” by Kenneth Williams

It is good to see the appearance of this book as it shows how the simple processes we all learn in Arithmetic have a natural counterpart in Algebra. In addition, the easy and unified Vedic methods make the transition seem almost obvious.

From there, i.e., from the algebraic formulations, the process can be reversed again to provide and suggest further arithmetical applications. This is the power of Algebra: to represent a whole class within a single algebraic statement. Then careful study of that statement can reveal further unknown and unexpected relationships.

Algebra is generalized Arithmetic and the mental process of generalization is one we unconsciously perform all the time. So there is nothing really new here, it is a matter of applying our normal thinking in the realm of number. Spotting patterns is doing Algebra: it is as simple as that.

This book therefore offers a much-needed path from simple number work to the next level up, which involves the use of letters as symbols that have a meaning. This in turn expands our ability to handle mental processes that involve generalization and abstraction. That is to say, it develops our normal thinking processes and abilities.

This excellent book from Virgilio “Ike” Prudente is a welcome and much needed addition to the Vedic Maths literature and will undoubtedly be a great help to all those who wish to expand and enrich their knowledge of mathematics.

Kenneth Williams,

Founder, Vedic Mathematics Academy, UK

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