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FREE Introduction To Vedic Mathematics Course

FREE Introduction to Vedic Mathematics course

DISCOVER Vedic Mathematics – the fastest mental Math system in the world. Enroll now for FREE in the Introduction to Vedic Mathematics(IVM) course created by Sir Kenneth Williams of the Vedic Mathematics Academy(UK).
This two-week, 13-lesson course will officially start on Monday, May 4 but you can now register to gain early access to the lessons. Late registration is until May 5, 2020 only.

Just send us a message at or to our Facebook page MATH-Inic Online( so that we can send you a 100% discount voucher.

This course is purely online and you can use your smartphones to access the lessons. Good for teachers, parents and children grade 3 and older.

Course Content:
1. HOLISTIC MATHS. Course overview, history of our number system. 10-point circle, completing 10s, addition. Mental addition from left to right.
2. COMPLETING THE WHOLE. Early history of VM. Looking for 10s in addition, including adding columns. Using addition and subtraction together.
3. DOUBLING AND HALVING. Number splitting: doubling and repeated doubling. Halving and repeated halving.4. CREATIVE MATHS. Improvising and extending the multiplication tables. Multiplying and Dividing by 5, 50, 25.
5. A MAGIC NUMBER. Digit sums, 9-point circle, casting out nines. Digit sum puzzles and divisibility by 3,9,6,15.
6. CHECKING IT OUT. Checking with digit sums. Checking with first and last figures. The Vedic Square.
7. THE INVISIBLE NUMBER. Calculating left to right. Doubling & halving. Finger maths.
8. SUBTRACTION. Recent history. Subtraction-left to right. Checking subtractions.
9. MENTAL MATHS. Consolidating mental maths. The number 37 and its uses.
10. ALL FROM 9 AND THE LAST FROM 10. Subtraction using All from 9, Last from 10. Bar numbers.
11. THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING. Using bar numbers for subtraction. Number splitting for the four operations.
12. ANOTHER MAGIC NUMBER. Multiplication by 11. Divisibility by 11 and a ‘digit sum’ check.
13. COHERENT MATHS. General multiplication and reversing it. Algebraic multiplication and its reverse.

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