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How to Divide by 8 the Easy Way

It was a hot summer day, one made for icy treats. And it turned out, the perfect time to learn about dividing by 8’s.

Our neighborhood bakery sells ice frosties (those sweet, colorful frozen treats in long plastic casing) for ₱5 each. But we found out that if you buy them by the pack in their unfrozen state, they only cost ₱20 for 8 pieces.

If a pack of 8 frosties costs ₱20, how much is one piece?

So off we went that hot summer day, my then 6-year old daughter and I, to buy our staples: bread and frosties. And on the walk home, I asked her, “If a pack of 8 frosties costs ₱20, how much is one piece?”

“IDK (I don’t know),” she said.

“If I get half a pack with 4 frosties, how much will that cost?”

After some thought, she answered “That’s ₱10.”

“Okay, if 4 frosties cost ₱10, how much would 2 frosties be?”

“Easy! ₱5!”

“And if 2 frosties cost ₱5, how much will one piece cost?


“That’s right! Dividing by 8 is the same as dividing by 2 three times.”

And so she learned that hot summer day how to divide by 8 the easy way.

Can you think of other useful examples for teaching kids about dividing by 8? Share it with us in the comments below.

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