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Inspirational Maths From India (Year 4)

Inspirational Maths from India (Year 4)

MATH-Inic Philippines in partnership with the Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics will hold the 4th Inspirational Maths from India (IMI 4) webinars on Dec 4-5 and 11-12, 2021.

This year’s edition of the annual event sponsored by Palawan Pawnshop since its start in 2018 will be different from the previous years in two ways:

First, the webinar sessions will be divided into two parts:

Part I will deal with “basic” topics – 20 topics each for elementary and high school level with 10 common sessions. Most these also discussed during the previous IMIs since 2018.

Part II will tackle 9 “advanced” topics so that those who have attended the previous IMIs need only to participate in Part II.

See the topics and the speakers in this file:

Second, the 5-level accreditation system of the IAVM will be implemented for the first time with IMI 4. Those who have completed Part I this year or those who have attended previous IMIs are eligible to take the level I assessment while those who will complete Part II can take the Level II and III assessment.

Those who have passed the Level III accreditation will also receive accreditation as Vedic Math coach in future competitions organized by MATH-Inic Philippines.

Another major feature of IMI 4 is that all 39 presentations will be recorded and will be made available for viewing by the participants 24/7 in the MATH-Inic Online site.

Each participant will also receive a certificate of attendance from IAVM and MATH-Inic.

Chair James Glover will lead the IAVM team of speakers which will include Trustees Swati Dave, Marianne Fletcher, and Gowri Ramachandran and director Prajakti Gokhale. They will be ably supported by the Filipino VM practitioners. MATH-Inic Philippines’ Ike, Angel and Nica Prudente will be joined by winning coaches in this year’s national and international competitions as presentors.

The webinar fees for teachers/students are:

Part I only Including Level I assessment fee: P1,500/P1,200

Part II only including Levels I and II assessment fees: P 1,000/P800

Part I and II including Levels I and II assessment fees: P2,000/P1,500

Additional P250 for those who would like to take the Level III assessment.

Discounts will be given for group registration and to participants of this year’s national and international Vedic Math competitions.

Please send inquiries to or “MATH-Inic Philippines – Math Made Fun, Fast, and Easy” ( on Facebook Messenger.

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