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International Vedic Maths Olympiad: IVMO 2021

A Competition in Speed, Problem-Solving and Mathematical Acumen

11th September 2021

This is the first international mathematics competition of its kind and promises to be an exciting event bringing together Vedic Maths enthusiasts from around the world.

IVMO consists of one hour exam-like papers that test ability and speed in using Vedic Math techniques and their application to problem-solving. Most questions can be attempted without knowledge of the Vedic Maths techniques but participants with these skills will be at an advantage.

Each paper has 50 multiple choice questions and is available in hard copy or online.

There are five levels of entry as follows:

Primary  – 11 years and under

Junior  – 13 years and under

Intermediate  – 16 years and under

Senior  – 18 years and under

Open  – no age limit

Hundreds of students from diverse countries will be participating. Certificates will be awarded as follows: Top 10% – Gold, next 20% – Silver, next 30% – Bronze, remaining 40% – Participation.

The competition is run through regional centers, each of which has a Regional Coordinator (RC). Anyone who is willing to administer the Olympiad can become an RC. The fee for participants is PHP 250 of which 40% is retained by the RC and 60% goes to the organizers (IAVM).

This year we expect most participants will take the Olympiad using the online version. The way this works is that RCs will receive a link for each paper which they will pass on to their students on 11th September. Once the link is opened, students will have one hour to answer as many questions as they can. At the end of the hour their paper automatically closes and submits. Hard copy versions can be taken only under exam conditions.

For further details about the competition and how to become a Regional Coordinator please contact our Philippines National Director of Vedic Mathematics, Ike Prudente at


IVMO is run by the Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics (IAVM), website: IAVM is a UK registered charity dedicated to the promotion and research of Vedic Maths worldwide. The trustees are among the world’s leading experts on Vedic Maths and its use in education. It hosts regular international conferences, both in-person and online, and runs many teacher-training and student workshop programmes, including in the Philippines.

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