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Invitation to join VMAP

Dear fellow Vedic Math Enthusiast,

Leading VM experts in the world like James Glover, chair of the Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics (IAVM) and Kenneth Williams, founder of the Vedic Mathematics Academy (UK) are impressed by the warm acceptance of VM in the Philippines judging from the great number of enrollees in our online classes and attendees in the Inspirational Maths from India seminars series.

In the post-webinar survey after the Inspirational Maths from India III last December conducted by IAVM, many attendees, most of them Math teachers, indicated that they agreed that Vedic Maths can enhance their learning of mathematics and that they would perform better had they been introduced to Vedic Mathematics at school level. Moreover, they would like to expand their Vedic Math training and that should be a part of teacher training.

In view of these observations, we saw the need to coordinate the efforts of all VM practitioners in the country so that we can train more teachers, develop speakers, organize more seminars/webinars especially in the provinces and hold math camps and contests to popularize VM among our students.

We are thus inviting you to be one of the founding members of the Vedic Mathematics Advocates of the Philippines (VMAP).

Among the proposed activities for the VMAP are:

  • Organizing more seminars/webinars, especially in provincial areas, for different age groups.
  • Creating a pool of VM speakers in each region in the Philippines to handle those seminars.
  • Developing training programs for students and teachers following the prescribed Department of Education curriculum.
  • Creating and maintaining an Online Library of VM books and resources for members
  • Organizing local VM camps and contests which will serve as training for National and International Olympiads.
  • Making available to the public VM materials through various media such as websites, newsletters, and the like.
  • Seek accreditation with other Vedic Math groups such as the Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics and the Vedic Mathematics Academy.

There will be two types of membership with their respective contributions:

Annual Members: P500/year

Life Members: P2,500

Those who will contribute P1,000 on or before Feb 28, 2021 will be considered founding members and will be conferred life membership status.

In addition to the benefits and privileges that the members will get from the VMAP,

Annual Members will enjoy 20% discount while the life members will get 30% discount on the following:

  • seminars/webinars or conferences organized by MATH-Inic Philippines.
  • all courses by the Vedic Mathematics Academy (UK) offered by MATH-Inic Online.
  • all e-books of MATH-Inic Publishing.

All members will also be entitled to:

  • 20-50% discount on other products or services not otherwise specified here.
  • membership in the VMAP Facebook group page and subscription to the VMAP Newsletter which will publish VM articles, Olympiad-type review questions and answers including detailed solutions.

Life members will also be allowed to:

  • resell MATH-Inic products and services.
  • teach online courses developed by MATH-Inic.

(Note: students below 18 years of age who want to enjoy the membership advised to ask their parents to join in their behalf).

You can also contact me via Messenger at “Ike Prudente” or call/text me at 0917 5004763 or 0928 5064518 for more details.

Happy Vedic Math computing!


Virgilio Y. Prudente

Founder, MATH-Inic Philippines

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