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MATH-Inic Books, now available at Lazada!

MATH-Inic books, now available with lower shipping costs, online at Lazada!

Coach Ike Prudente’s popular math books are now available online with lower shipping costs, and faster, nationwide delivery.

Order your favorite MATH-Inic books now!

  • 25 Math Short Cuts
    Knowing how to calculate quickly, without the need of a calculator or pen and paper is a very useful skill. Whether you need to divide a dinner bill among friends, double a recipe, compute for a discount or commission, or figure out how many more pages of your textbook you have to read, knowing math shortcuts can make your life so much easier. The 25 short cuts included in this book are some of the most useful in everyday life and among the easiest to master.

    This book, introducing 25 short cuts, is for age 8 to 88. Click here to order :
  • Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic demonstrates how the application of some basic arithmetic procedures can greatly simplify many algebraic operations. It also shows that there are other approaches to algebraic solutions which some students may find simpler to use.Math skills are required for most high paying jobs in today’s technology-driven economy. As Algebra is considered the gateway to higher Mathematics, understanding and appreciating Algebra is vital to any student’s life.

    Whether you are a math-lover or a student of high school algebra, or struggling with calculus, this will definitely made your algebra work easy as arithmetic. Click here to order:
  • Inspirational Maths from India
    The growing worldwide interest in Vedic mathematics, and the current surge in enthusiasm to have the system taught in schools, has prompted the IAVM to produce this teacher’s handbook. Inspirational Maths from India provides an introduction to Vedic Mathematics. It is divided into two sections, the first for primary teachers and the second for secondary of high school teachers. In each chapter you will find worked examples, where each step is carefully explained, explanations of how the methods work and practice exercises for you to gain ‘hands-on’ experience and so achieve familiarity.

    This is your guide to learning and teaching Vedic math. Click here to order:
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