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MSC # 6 – Completing The Whole: Addition

MSC # 6 – Completing the Whole: Addition

Our example for today involves adding lengths expressed in feet and inches. This type of computation is avoided by young learners, but it provides a good illustration of our technique of “completing the whole” which is based of the Vedic Math Sutra “By Completion or Non-Completion”.

Computations involving whole quantities are easy, but they are not common. The best strategy to simplify calculations, therefore, is to make some quantities whole.

The addition 19’ 10” + 62’ 6” which ordinarily requires two regroupings, is quickly solved using the “completing the whole” technique. In order that students and teachers can easily remember this method, we named it “dagdag-bawas”

Adding 2 inches to 19 feet 10 inches will make it an even 20 feet. Simultaneously deducting 2 inches from the building height will transform the addition to a simpler 62 feet 4 inches + 20 feet.

More variations of “completing the whole” in arithmetic operations will be demonstrated by Ms. Ginalyn Broquesa, coach of the Jose Rizal Memorial School  in the opening plenary session of the “Inspirational Maths from India (Year 4)” on December 4, 2021.

“Completing the Whole“ is also discussed in Kenneth William’s online courses “Introduction to Vedic Mathematics“ and “Vedic Mathematics Teacher Training Course”. It is also the subject of Chapter 6 of the “30 Master Strategies in Computing, Vol I” co-authored by Veronica and Virgilio Prudente.

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