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New FREE Introduction to Vedic Maths course

Due to the overwhelming response to our FREE Introduction to Vedic Maths course, we are opening a new class starting May 20, 2020.

This free introductory course aims to show that Math can be fun, fast and easy and to generate interest in the forthcoming 1st International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad.

“Wow”, “awesome”, “amazing”, “great”, “very interesting”, and “very helpful” are often used to describe the techniques and lessons in this course.

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Students, teachers and parents who completed the course early have nothing but praises for the course and Vedic Math:

“I’m Zach Randolf E. Enriquez! A Grade 4 student from Laguna College, San Pablo City. So much thankful for introducing this course. This is really interesting and a big help to us. I appreciated all the concept and I enjoyed learning those techniques which I can apply in the upcoming math competitions. Thank you bigtime.”

“I’m Hannah Onia, a student of Iloilo Central Elementary School. As a competitor of MTAP and Math Quiz Bee, this course can help me solve some difficult math problems both in school and in competition. This will help me teach my classmates about Vedic math and it will help them to make math easier.”

“Hi, I’m Maricris Torralba, a SHS teacher from Sta. Rosa City. This course is really of great help because it will make computing easy. I’m sure my students will enjoy and appreciate it much when I share it with them since most subjects that we have do not allow the use of calculators. I enjoyed this course a lot and learned a lot of techniques and shortcuts. Thanks!”

“I am Eljoyza Santos, a grade 7 teacher at Alaminos INHS, Alaminos Laguna. This course is really amazing. It is actually intended for 2 weeks but I really can’t stop watching… i love to watch continuously… i am so happy to learn many techniques and strategies which I would definitely use in class.”

“Hi! I am Rheafe Fernandez, a homeschooling parent to an incoming 1st Grade and 4th Grade. In a short span of time, I have learned a lot from the course Introduction to Vedic Maths. Lessons are really essential and it makes solving mathematical problems simpler, faster and efficient. My children would greatly benefit from this.”

The course description can be seen here:

Take advantage of experiencing the joy of Vedic Mathematics! Enroll in MATH-Inic Philippines’ FREE Introduction to Vedic Math online course, starting May 20, 2020!

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Late enrollment is until May 25, 2020 only.

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