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New Schedule of IAVM assessments:

The schedule of the assessments offered by the Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics announced last week was revised due to technical problems.

The new dates for the assessments to be conducted in the Philippines in cooperation with MATH-Inic Philippines are:

Foundation Level: Novice (Level I) – September 2 at 4PM

Foundation Level: Proficiency (Level II) – September 9 at 4 PM

Foundation Level: Distinction (Level III) – September 23 at 4 PM.

An optional review session for Level III will be held on September 16 at 4PM.

The IAVM devised this assessment system to serve as a measure of a practitioner’s knowledge of Vedic Mathematics. Last year the IAVM revised its classification into 9 levels. For each of the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Level groups, there will be three rungs: Novice, Proficient and Distinction. Only assessments for the Foundation Levels have been offered at of this time.

Only the level I assessment is optional but passing the exams for the other level is required for taking the test for the next higher level. An 80% rating is required to pass each of the IAVM assessments.

For teachers, passing the Level III would lead into their automatic accreditation as coach in national and international Vedic Math competitions recognized by IAVM. An increase in the percentage of winners among the participants of area facilitators who have passed IAVM assessments was observed in recent competitions.

For students who regularly join VM competitions, these assessments are beneficial because they serve as additional practice sessions which identify their weak points.

So far only 4 teachers and 1 student have passed the Level III assessment. In the first Level III assessment given in the Philippines, only MATH-Inic training director, Veronica Prudente was able to get the passing mark.

In the second time the level III was administered in the Philippines, 3 high school teachers, Crisostomo Velasco Jr., Victoria Dimasin and Francisco Pelagio passed along with Christ Alexan Sy who just graduated from the Don Mariano Marcos Elementary School in Digos City at the time he took the assessment.

Christ Alexan Sy is a consistent gold medalist in all the Vedic Math Competitions he participated since 2021 – 2nd MVMNC, 3rd PNVMO, IVMO 2022, 3rd MVMNC and the 1st Math2Shine IVMC when he topped all entries in the junior age group by having a perfect score.

Interested students and teachers who may want to take the assessments may register here:

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