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Registration For The 4th PNVMO Now Open

Registration for the 4th PNVMO now open

The registration for the 4th Philippine National Vedic Mathematics Olympiad (4th PNVMO), which will be held online on October 7, 2023, is now open.

As in previous national and international VM competitions, there will be 6 groups based on the contestants’ ages as of the Nov. 25, 2023, the scheduled date for the 3rd International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad (IVMO 2023). This is designed to have the students compete in the same age group in both the 4th PNVMO and IVMO 2023.

  • Beginners (Primary B):  those born after Nov 25, 2013
  • Primary (Primary A): those born after Nov 25, 2011
  • Juniors: those born after Nov 25, 2009
  • Intermediate: those born after Nov 25, 2006
  • Seniors: those born after Nov 25, 2004
  • Open: any age

Those interested in joining may register with their area facilitators(AFs( until October 1, 2023. Registration fee is P300 per contestant,

AFs may register until Sep. 23, 2023 at this link: Registration fee is P1,000 but AFs in the 3rd MATH-Inic Vedic Mathematics National Challenge do not have to pay again.

All the AFs can access the 10 recordings of the 10 session review course conducted by MATH-Inic Philippines for VM competitions for free. This course which is originally priced at P2,500 will also be made available to participants in the 4th PNVMO at a discounted price of P1,500 only. Please write to for more details.

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