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Review Courses for IVMO 2021

MATH-Inic Online is now offering two review “courses” for those who are planning to join the 1st International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad (IVMO 2021) on Sept 11, 2021.

They are the Vedic Maths Masterclasses 1 Plus and Vedic Maths Masterclasses 2 Plus which consist of the recordings of IAVM chair James Glover’s Masterclasses and additional videos from previous webinars of MATH-Inic Founder Virgilio “Ike Prudente”. Quizzes after the video lessons were added to enable students to practice what techniques they have learned earlier.

Several months ago, Mr. Glover who is also the organizer of IVMO 2021 held Masterclasses 1 and Masterclasses 2 for regional coordinators, teachers and student who are planning to participate in the event.

The Vedic Maths Masterclasses 1 Plus is recommended for those participating in the primary and junior categories while Vedic Maths Masterclasses 2 Plus is for those joining the intermediate, senior and open competitions.

Those who are “enrolled” in the courses may view and review the video lessons and answer the quizzes anytime, 24/7 starting August 28, 2021.

Each course is priced at P1,500.

For those interested in joining the courses, please send a message to

Course Contents:  

 Vedic Maths Masterclasses 1 Plus.

1) Completing the whole (# 1, Vedic Math webinars, series 2 by VYP)

Ten’s complements; Number splitting; Addition and subtraction by completing the whole

2) Base Multiplication (#3, Vedic Math webinars, series 2 by VYP)

Numbers below the base, numbers above the base, one number below, one number above the base; different bases, working base

3) Vertically and Crosswise Multiplication (#4, Vedic Math webinars, series 2 by VYP)

2 x 2 multiplication, developing multiplication shortcuts, 3 x 3 and longer multiplicands, Algebraic multiplication

4) More multiplication Techniques (#5, Vedic Math webinars, series 2 by VYP)

Multiplying by 11 and 9, By one more than the One before, Using the average, Proportionately

5) HCF and LCM; Straight Division (Masterclass 1.1 by James Glover)

HCF and LCM using Vertically and Crosswise, Multiplying decimals, Straight division including decimals, Decimal division, Altered remainders, Vinculum on the Flag

6) Working with Fractions (Masterclass 1.2 by James Glover0

Adding and subtracting fractions using Vertically and Crosswise, Multiplying and dividing fractions including mixed numbers, Comparing fractions, Ordering fractions using Proportionately

7) Digit Sums and converting fractions to decimals (Masterclass 1.3 by James Glover)

Digital Roots by casting out 9s, Counting shapes, Fractions to Decimals

8) Linear sequences, Perimeters and Areas (Masterclass 1.4 by James Glover) 

Linear sequences, Triangular numbers, Perimeters, Compound areas, Fractions of shapes

Vedic Maths Masterclasses 2 Plus

1) By One More than the One Before (presentation of VYP during the Inspirational Maths from India III webinars last Dec 2021)

Squaring numbers ending in 5, Multiplying complementary numbers, Squaring numbers near 50, Other Multiplication Shortcuts, application to other bases, recurring decimals

2) Squaring and Cubing (Masterclass 2.1by James Glover)

Fast and easy methods for squaring numbers close to a power of 10 and use of a working base.

Cubing 2-digit numbers through simple geometric sequences

3) Combined Ratios and Scale Factors (Masterclass 2.2by James Glover)

Problems dealing with combining two separate ratios using LCM

Linear, Area and Volume scale factors with associated problems

4) Solutions to Linear equations (#6, Vedic Math Webinars, series 1 by VYP)

Think of a number – one, two and three steps mental solution to linear equations, Linear equations with two variable terms, solving a system of equations.

5) Coordinate Geometry (Masterclass 2.3a by James Glover)

One-line methods for find equations of straight lines

6) Vedic Solutions to Quadratic equations (# 7, Vedic Math webinars, series 1 by VYP)

Special case factoring, Tirthaji’s method of Factoring, Using the sum of Coefficients, The differential is equal to the square root of the Discriminant, Using the Average

7) Graphs of Quadratic equations (Masterclass 2.3b by James Glover)

Using the Discriminant in problems associated with Quadratic Equations and Graphs

8) The crowning Gem of VM and “Naughty calculus” – Masterclass 2.4 by James Glover

 The marvelous one-line Vedic method for Algebraic Division

Binomial Expansions of all types using an extremely simple formula

9) A fresh Approach to Trigonometry – #8, Vedic Math webinars, series 1 by VYP

Pythagorean Triples, Triple addition,  Double angles, Triple Subtraction, Half Angles, Proving identities.

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