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Review courses for Vedic Math competitions offered by MATH-Inic Online.

MATH-Inic Online ( is now offering three “review courses” for those participating in the Vedic Mathematics competitions scheduled this year.

Each of these courses consists of recordings of webinars conducted by MATH-Inic founder Virgilio Prudente in the past two years. Although all these courses feature questions given in past VM competitions, the order of the presentation of the topics differ.

The “review courses” are:

  1. VMTTC webinars: Video recordings of 9 weekly discussions of the 36 Lessons of the Vedic Mathematics Teacher Training Course held from July 30 to September 27, 2023.
  • IVMO Q&A: Videos of the following webinars:
  1. IVMO 2021 Primary
  2. IVMO 2021 Juniors
  3. IVMO 2021 Intermediate
  4. IVMO 2021 Seniors
  5. IVMO 2021 Open
  6. IVMO 2022 Primary
  7. IVMO 2022 Juniors
  8. IVMO 2022 Intermediate
  • VMO Topics: recordings of 10 sessions discussing almost all VM topics covered in national and international competitions.

Each of these courses are accessible upon enrollment until the end of November 2024. The regular course fee is P3,000 per course but students are advised to register thru their area facilitator or center coordinator to get substantial discounts.

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