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Studying Other Speed Math Systems

Studying Other Speed Math Systems

For our MATH-Inic courses, I not only relied on Vedic Mathematics. I also purchased a lot of other Math books and VCDs especially about speed Math. I also researched a lot and watched many videos in the Internet. I really want to provide our students the fastest and easiest methods of doing Maths.

I noticed that a lot of the speed Math “tips and tricks” written by American and European authors were similar to those found in Vedic Math books. Many of these authors claimed that they discovered the techniques themselves during their school days. I’m inclined to believe them as it is improbable that they have already read books about Vedic Math.

I later read that the Vedic Math sutras or word formula were based on how our mind naturally works. It’s probably the reason why a person who hasn’t heard of VM could actually come up with a similar method.

To illustrate, why would I bother to go through the tedious steps of traditional Math if there’s a practical and faster way to solve a specific problem.

For example, to find out how much I need to pay for 15 sign pens costing P98 each, I would forego the process of long multiplication. I already know that if I buy one pen and paid P100, I would get a P2 change. For 15 pens I would pay P1500 and get 2 x 15 or a P30 change. Easily, I can subtract P30 from P1500 and get the exact amount I need to pay, P1,470.

Do you also use the same technique? No need for a calculator! Try it on your next shopping trip!

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