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Studying Vedic Math

Studying Vedic Math

After learning about Vedic Math in 2003, I often surf the Internet finding new articles about VM.

There were very few materials posted in the web about VM then. Most of them were very simple applications but I tried to learn and teach them to our students.

There was a time that I cannot find new materials so I almost forgot about it.

But in 2010, I found a lot of books available in Amazon. Most of them were “used” but still sold for $25 -30 each. I invested more than $500 in my first purchase of more than 20 books in VM.

More than 10 of them were authored by Kenneth R. Williams. One of them became my favorite: Vedic Mathematics Teacher’s Manual (Intermediate level). And Ken Williams became my favorite author.

I was also able to have a complete set of James T. Glover’s 3-vol “Vedic Mathematics for Schools”.

I never imagined then that I would later work with both Ken Williams and James Glover in the promotion of Vedic Math in the Philippines.

For about half a year, I studied VM carefully. By the end of the year, I was confident enough to create MATH-Inic.

And then I wrote Double and Half.

I was in my late 50s then, and discovering Vedic Mathematics gave me the resolve to pursue my passion in Math education. Never too late, don’t you think?

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