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The 4th PNVMO to be held of Oct 7, 1023.

 MATH-Inic Philippines will be holding the 4th Philippine National Vedic Mathematics Olympiad (4th PNVMO) online on Saturday, October 7, 2023. This is considered as the 3rd and final training event for those who are planning to participate in this year’s International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad, the IVMO 2023, which is scheduled in November.

As a training event, this year’s PNVMO will try to follow the mechanics and format of IVMO 2023.

The first national VM event this year, the 3rd MATH-Inic Vedic Mathematics National Challenge (3rd MVMNC) last April 10, 2023, drew more than 1,800 participants. Next came the 1st Math2Shine International Vedic Mathematics Competition (1st MIVMC) last July 22, 2023, in which more than a thousand Filipinos participated.

MATH-Inic Philippines which is the Philippine partner of Math2Shine- Singapore and the Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics, hopes to maintain the Philippines’  premier position in the international Vedic Math community by holding national competitions similar in format to the international contests.

In the first two years of IVMO, the Philippines won 75% and 90% of the total award given.

Those who acted as Area Facilitators in the 3rd MATH-Inic VMNC will automatically be accredited as AFs in the 4th PNVMO. The registration fees are set to P1,000 for new AFs and P300 for participants.

The area facilitators may now register at

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