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The Philippines – poised to retain the unofficial championship in IVMO 2023

With more than 4,500 Filipino mathletes competing, the Philippines is almost sure of getting the most number of awards and thus be the unofficial champion of the 3rd International Vedic Mathematics Olympiad which will be held on Saturday, November 25, 2023 in both online and offline modes.

Last year with a total of 1,850 contestants from 10 countries, the Philippines won 152 Gold, 329 Silver and 520 Bronze awards which is 90% of all the awards given. The Philippines also topped 5 of the 6 age groups.

During the first staging of the Olympiad in 2021, with about 450 competitors from 8 countries, the Philippine won 35 Gold, 70 Silver and 107 Bronze awards which is about 75% of the awards given.

For this feat, Kenneth Williams, foremost author of Vedic Math books remarked: “The Philippines must be the flagship country in Vedic Math education in the world!”

Although the 90% winning percentage last year is hard enough to duplicate, we are still hoping to do better this year. This year we have 65 out of 77 total center coordinators compared to last year where there were 30 Filipinos among the 40 coordinators.

We also had two national VM competitions, the 3rd MVMNC and the 4th PNVMO this year as training events for IVMO 2023 which is considered the most prestigious VM event in the world.

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