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VM competitions questions and solutions

Here are our previous posts about the solutions of frequently missed Vedic Math competition questions:

Lower Primary, IVMO 2023, Largest Fraction:

Upper Primary, IVMO 2023, Computing Savings:

Upper Primary, IVMO 2023, Linear Sequence:

Primary, IVMO 2022, Subtraction by Addition:

Primary, IVMO 2021,Linear Sequence:

Primary, 3rd MVMNC, Terminating decimals:

Primary, 3rd MVMNC, Remainder when the difference is divided by 9:

Primary, 2nd MVMNC, The difference of the Sums is the Sum of the Difference:

Primary, IVMO 2021, Square root of perfect squares ending in 25:

Juniors, IVMO 2023, Percentages Made Easy:

Juniors, 3rd MVMNC, Divisibility by 7:

Juniors, 3rd MVMNC, Application of “doubling and halving” and “by addition and by subtraction”:

Juniors, 3rd MVMNC, Divisibility by number splitting:

Juniors, 1st Math2Shine IVMC, Average age:

Juniors, 1st Math2Shine IVMC, The First by the First and the Last by the Last:

Juniors, IVMO 2021, By Mere Observation II:

Intermediate, IVMO 2023, Quadratic Sequence:

Intermediate, IVMO 2023, Quadratic Sequence:

Intermediate, 4th PNVMO, Algebraic Division:

Intermediate, 4th PNVMO, Multiplication of Mixed Numbers:

Intermediate, 4th PNVMO, Coefficients of a perfect square:

 Intermediate, 3rd MVMNC, Coefficient of the X^2 term:

Intermediate, 3rd MVMNC, Computing the Average speed:

Intermediate, 1st Math2Shine IVMC, Getting the least common multiple:

Intermediate, 1st Math2Shine IVMC, The Last digits add up to 10:

Intermediate, 3rd MVMNC, Finding the unknown digits:

Intermediate 2nd PNVMO, Square root of Perfect squares:

Seniors, IVMO 2022,Expressing a number as a difference of two square integers:

Seniors, 3rd MVMNC, Division by (x + 1):

Seniors, 3rd MVMNC, Multiplication by (x + 1):

Seniors. 2nd MVMNC, Nikhilam Multiplication:

Open, IVMO 2023, Area in square feet and square inches:

Open 4th PNVMO, Combined ratios:

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